Welcome to Christmas in Townsend.com

The website for the computerized Christmas light display in Townsend, MA.

Christmas in Townsend is not your typical Christmas light display – it’s a show! The lights are computer controlled and synchronized to music that you can listen to on your car’s radio.


Watch the Show


Hours of Operation

Lights OFF

For the 2014-15 season

Show Info

The show lasts about 30 minutes and features 30,000+ lights animated to many classical and contemporary Christmas songs.

Food Donations

Thank you for helping us collect over
1700 pounds of food for the TEO

How to watch the show

  • Drive down the driveway (You can’t see the house from the street but you can see a sign on the mailbox and another down the driveway)
  • Tune your radio to the station listed on our sign (It may change so we don’t post it here) you can then can hear the music in your car.
  • Next to the tune to sign is the bin for non-perishable items we are collecting for the TEO. If you brought items place them here.
  • Pull down the right side of the driveway as far as possible, this will allow others who will show up after you to be able to watch the show too.
  • Watch the show!!!
  • Enjoy yourself but please turn off your headlights, stay in your vehicle, and do not litter
  • On particularly busy nights continue to pull forward as those in front of you leave.
  • When you are done watching the show please pull all the way down the driveway and turn around (requires 3-point turn, but this is the only safe place to turn around)
  • Go up the driveway on your right (opposite side of those watching the show)

This map may help cit how to view