Okay here are the answers to some of the questions people ask.

Q: Wow this is amazing how can I do this ???

A: Rather simply I use a type of diy controller called a renard controller for more info on this check out the Technical part of the site and I also recommend you check out http://doityourselfchristmas.com/wiki and become a member of http://doityourselfchristmas.com both of these sites are filled with great people who will help you do what you want. Especially check out the getting started articles on the wiki and the group buy section on DIYC. I would not recommend a Light-o-Rama commercial solution unless you want to bury some serious money in a equivalent product which is 8x more expensive.

Q: How does it all work ?

A: Magic !!, No just kidding in short all the lights are controlled by “controllers”, which are connected to a computer which gives them instructions. More detailed info available here

Q: Wow your electrical bill must be massive.

A: Actually because of the dimming and the fact that not all the lights are on at the same time it uses less energy than a comparable static display. It does not cost too much and that is the one part of my hobby my parents pick up !!!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Most Christmas enthusiasts will choose not to answer this question but I will say it is cheaper than you may think. The most expensive part in the extension cords. It is about $3 per channel to make the controllers. And my 2010 display costs less than $500, not including the lights. A comparable light-o-rama pre-built solution would cost $1400 !!!! Purchasing lights through sales and bulk buys help to lower their cost.

Q: Wow do you do all this yourself?

A: Yes this is possible to be done by a teenager, and there are more young adults like me who decorate their (family’s) homes very similar to what I do. I payed for, constructed and programmed this entire display myself with some aid is the setup process by my family.

Q: How many lights do you have?

A: As of Dec 2012 I had approx. 30,000+ lights, (I mention the date because this will probably change). However I also use allot of c9 (large bulbed) lights which only have 25 lights to a string, while many other people just have mini lights which cost about 1/3 the price and come 100 to a string. So even though I only have less lights the amperage used is the equivalent of many more mini lights !!!

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